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Did you know there are three systems in your body that work together to ensure you don’t fall down every time you get up to walk?

Your sense of sight, your inner ear, and the sensory receptors in your muscles and joints all work together to keep your body balanced during movement. An injury or defect in any one of these areas can greatly decrease your sense of balance and put you at risk for falling. What we will talk about today is your INNER EAR or VESTIBULAR SYSTEM.

The Vestibular System is an unconscious system contributing to balance. It is located in the inner ear and is made up of 3 semi-circular canals and 2 otoliths. By sending information about changes in head position and linear acceleration to the eye muscles, spinal cord and the posterior brain, this system helps maintain balance. Anything that affects this system can have a profound affect on your balance.

The most common disorders affecting this system are called PERIPHERAL VESTIBULAR disorders.

A common cause of these is INFECTION.

One of the 2 most common causes of Vertigo is VESTIBULAR NEURITIS, which is swelling of the covering of the Vestibular nerve usually caused by a VIRAL INFECTION. This mainly affects people from 30 to 60 years of age and peaks in women in their 40’s and men in their 60’s. Acute symptoms include gradual onset of “spin” vertigo( “The room spins…..”), nausea, and vomiting over several hours. Symptoms peak in 24 hours and generally last 3-4 days. If this becomes chronic, you can develop “motion sickness”, sensitivity to light levels and increased visual stimulation.

This is just one of the causes of Vertigo that can be treated by a qualified Physical Therapist. If you would like to learn more about treatment and care of VERTIGO or LOSS OF BALANCE, please contact